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and why should I drop IE6 too?


I dropped IE6... http://idroppedie6.com @PatrickTulskie
Yea!!! IE6 needs to go away forever!!! Google tells users to drop IE6: http://bit.ly/epWc @trekgonzo
LOL Have you dropped IE6 yet? http://idroppedie6.com/ @m4130
Drop ie6 http://idroppedie6.com/ @macguillermo
@cameronolivier I've already dropped ie6 support on my free WP themes - just not worth the time to try to fix for a broken browser. @brandonacox
why not to drop ie6 support: http://bit.ly/EGYF @cameronolivier
@egillhardar I'm sure if the big sites would have the guts to implement something similar we'd see a lot more users drop IE6 @urbanmania
@BrunoFigueiredo So you dropped IE6 support? @futurecat
Google tells users to drop IE6 : http://tinyurl.com/9hy678 @v08i
2nd layout ready, supports IE6 (at last). I'm liking my Mac pro more and more. Yahoo!, please drop IE6 of your A-grade browser list. @ymasoud
@jarred good to see they dropped IE6 support, altho i don't think i have ever used a mood board @krislane
@fienen i cant wait till the day I can drop IE6 like a bad habit, to bad vista sucked, it would be gone @mherzber
Internet Explorer 8 RC1 is now available. Also, I officially drop IE6 support at work today! http://tr.im/d0yp @twiin
...can't wait for the moment we can drop IE6 support. IE6 == pain in every aspect. Layout, JS, debugging. @backa
@professor Just drop IE6 support. @cmoise
I wonder how much additional C02 I generate each year by having to support IE6. @booboobenny
Will Windows 7 force companies to abandon the "we only support IE6" policy? @mikem2006
Working late fixing site in IE6. When does this thing go EOL? I have to support IE6, IE7 *and* IE8 now. Customers in schools, many on IE6 :( @jakegordon82
I support IE6 because I can. If it's too hard for you I would be happy to take your client :D @subtleGradient
@badmonkeh I take it there's no chance of being able to slip them money under the table to *not* have to support IE6 ;( @rob_caporetto
And for a glimmer of optimism... http://idroppedie6.com/ - a shiny list of sites which are dropping IE6 support :) @rob_caporetto
still having to support IE6 sucks :( @lrichmond
@elixirgraphics - to me I would rather support IE6 than Firefox ... I have gotten pretty use to conditional comments @mudbugsw
@deluzione so, 30% of my stts shw ppl are sng IE6 - the st dsn't vn support IE6 yet:P all I'm saying is that it isn't hard 2 code 4 800x600 @twodayslate
@kstarzer That's Awesome! We still support IE6 with the current design but it will be the last one I'm hoping. Of course IE7 is still a mess @randyjensen
@ramblingwebgirl Yeah,I told my team(dev's and testers) that the major brower based tool I wrote doesn't support IE6.They wanted to know why @brentoe
rt: @kevin_u Can we band together as a worldwide syndicate of web developers and decide that we no longer support IE6? I hate it so. @cecilyc
@p997t If I had a bunch of minions and got paid for it, I could support IE6. But I don't, so I have to skip broken browsers for now. Sorry! @Manas
Can we band together as a worldwide syndicate of web developers and decide that once and for all, we no longer support IE6? I hate it so. @kevin_u
ie6... I think it might be cheaper to upgrade all the computers at big companies to ie7 than paying every web developer to support ie6 $&@% @pcardune

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